“70 Scenes of Halloween”

The poster for the play, "70 Scenes of Halloween"
The poster for the play, “70 Scenes of Halloween”

Through all my years in the theater (okay, so it’s only been a year and a half), I haven’t done much in terms of the technical side of theater production. However, this semester I was determined to change that.

While I acted in the first show of the season, this next show is all tech for me. I’ve done some shop work in the past and a few odd jobs here and there, but this is the first time I’ve specialized in anything. I’m in charge of running the light board for “70 Scenes of Halloween,” a play directed by two senior theater majors.

Basically, I’ve been in charge of inputting lighting cues for the final show this week and making sure the lights change at the right time during runs of the show. It may not sound like much, since most shows here have between five and 30 cues. This particular show has 153 lighting cues throughout the 90 minutes, including intermission.

It’s been eye opening to see things from this side of the show. I have to say, though, it’s nice to watch a show yet still be an active part of it for once. This show is definitely a strange one. With ghosts, beasts, witches, trick-or-treaters and even a dead chicken, this show has to be one of the strangest I’ve seen on campus so far.

It’ll run this Thursday through Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Parker Auditorium. If you come Saturday, the directors and cast would love it if you came dressed in costume before attending the President’s Halloween Party at 9 p.m. The cast and crew of “70 Scenes of Halloween” will be there and would love to hear your reactions.

I’m going to continue to pursue acting in shows, but I am very interested in looking at the tech side of theater as well.

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