Homecoming is the most epic weekend in Hanover history

I don't have a picture of the festivities about to occur this weekend (I'll post those next week) but here's the flyer for DJ Akib! (Photo credit - Campus Activities Board)
I don’t have a picture of the festivities about to occur this weekend (I’ll post those next week) but here’s the flyer for DJ Akib!
(Photo credit – Campus Activities Board)

Well everyone, it’s Wednesday. Fall break is over, and Homecoming is right around the corner! I’m sure at some point or another if you’ve heard of Hanover in any way, Homecoming is mentioned.

I’ll try and give you the gist of it all so I don’t spoil anything when you come to see it for yourself (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. You should probably visit Hanover during Homecoming).

So, basically the whole week is anticipating the weekend, and classes are a breeze (usually). In my case, I had only a few things to do before fall break and now have three exams for Friday, so my week isn’t quite a breeze like it is for everyone else.

Anyway, we started school today and only have two days before the festivities begin.

The first thing that happens is a Homecoming concert on the Friday before the football game. Normally, a band or artist comes to play, and they are either a rising star or slightly past their prime (what can you do, we’re a small school).

But this year, something totally different is happening. CAB, also known as the Campus Activities Board, has decided to switch it up and bring a DJ to come perform. DJ Akib, a DJ from Chicago, is planning to bring a whole new aura to the campus with glow bracelets, glow sticks, glow in the dark hoola-hoop dancers and personal requests for songs.

This will be a totally different atmosphere compared to previous years in which everyone sang and watched a band/group perform on stage. This year, the whole campus can get up, get out, and dance with their friends and classmates to a dayglow type of dance.

Then, of course, after this pre-football game festivity is, of course, the football game. On Saturday, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, parents of parents who are alumni, a few relatives who are related to the parents of the alumni, relatives of the parents of the alum’s brother’s sister twice-removed come to visit for the football game.

Yes, the game is always exciting, but it’s actually the time period before the game that’s the best for most people: the tailgate. This is when all these relatives and families mingle and meet other families of players, students, alumni, etc. It’s probably one of the biggest events all year and everyone from all over comes to partake in the fun.

The frolicking before/during/after the game goes on for awhile, and then things start to calm down — but just briefly. Because after all that, the night life comes and this is where the students come in. I’m not going to lie, but to put it simply, the whole campus goes out for some fun.

No matter where you go, or where you are, everyone is having fun. Many of the alumni go to the local bars while students under 21 stay on campus and mingle amongst themselves. Regardless, Saturday night is a college night for the Hanover community, and it is wild, to say the least.

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