Pre-Nationals Meet At HC

It rained, and it rained and it didn’t stop raining. This weekend, Hanover hosted the Division III Pre-Nationals meet. The runners participating came from all over the country including California, Texas and Maine. Since I write about sports stories for the Office of Communications and Marketing, I got to research and write a host preview story for the meet.

It was just crazy to me to see how fast some of these individuals were, and I was so excited to see them in person.

I walked out of my room Saturday afternoon and expected a hot, sunny and muggy day, but unfortunately, I was met with gray skies and light drizzle. I didn’t expect the rain to get much worse, but of course, it did. When I finally made it to the course, the rain had picked up from a light drizzle to consistent rain.

I was not prepared for this weather, but thankfully saw one of my friends, and he graciously lent me his jacket for the duration of the meet.

Hilary and Paige after their race!

By the time the women’s race ended and the men’s race began, it was an all-out down pour. My friends and I walked over the soccer field where the men’s 8k course cut through and sat on the soccer benches that protected us from the rain.

We were all extremely unprepared for this type of weather and the slight drop in temperate. Wearing t-shirts and shorts (Lauren had on flip-flops), we sat chilly and drenched while watching the runners. Once the athletes ran by us on the field, we made our way over to the finish line in the rain.

We stood right behind the finish line because my friends were so enthralled by the idea that people sometimes puke or collapse at the conclusion of their race. I’m not sure what caused this infatuation with seeing people run about five miles as fast as they can then watch them be miserable but we did.

I was turned off by seeing runners projectile vomit as they made their way to the chairs right past the finish line.

Once the race ended, and we watched the final male cross the finish line, we stood in awe as we looked at the time. After looking at the results we realized the slowest time was way faster than most people could ever do.

My friend, Shelby, said it best when she said, “Watching a cross-country race really makes you appreciate the human body.” It’s kind of crazy to think that our bodies are capable of enduring so much.

Even though we were poured on and completely soaked at the end of race, it was a good competition to watch and I’m so happy that I came out to see it regardless of the weather. You have to appreciate any one who can run can 5k or an 8k in less than 30 minutes.

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