Local coffee shop has its perks

If you’re anything like the average college student it’s hard to get out of bed without a cup of Joe. I (unfortunately?) am not one of these people. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some good coffee every now and then.

The first thing many caffeine addicts who come to Hanover notice is that there is no Starbucks (or Heine Bros, for my Kentuckians). That’s right, the chain that wraps its way around the country and is on every street corner in the U.S. has not made it to our humble Hanover-Madison area. There are always ways to get your fix, however, if you really need it to function throughout your day.

Right here on campus is Hanover College’s Coffee Shop. With coffee, espresso, muffins and even milkshakes, it provides everything you might need for your declining balance spending pleasure. While their coffee is good, their milkshakes are the best. With flavors from classic chocolate to s’mores and Reese’s, their variety isn’t as big as Hinkle’s (a favorite student hangout in downtown Madison, Ind.) but it’s good if you don’t want to go very far.

The on-campus coffee shop.
The on-campus coffee shop.

What spurred the thought for this java induced post, you ask? Well yesterday, a few brothers and I trekked out to lower Madison for a few hours to sit in a little coffee shop on Main Street. Madison Coffee & Tea is hard to miss driving through Madison or walking around.

While the rest of the group had been there before, this was a first for me, and I was impressed. Not only was it better than the coffee shop on campus, but it was slightly cheaper, and it smelled really good, too.

We sat around talking about our lives and just having some good old bro time outside of our house (and one guy did some homework). It was good to see there’s still more to see and experience around Madison after having been here for a year.

While you could buy yourself a Keurig and just sit in your room with your watery caffeine, or you could get out to the Withrow Student Activities Center Coffee Shop, if you don’t mind the drive, try Madison Coffee & Tea.

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