A visit to the Newport Aquarium

I wish we could take pictures with real penguins :(
I wish we could take pictures with real penguins :(

I am different from most of the international students at Hanover who come  from big cities because I grew up in a small town. But compared to the towns in the U.S., my hometown is humongous.

In addition, while I was an exchange student in San Antonio, I lived very close to downtown. So to be honest, the first time I came to Hanover, I was shocked. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t deny  the beautiful scenery Hanover has, but my first impression was that you couldn’t do anything here except hike. (I’m so not an outdoor person.)

However, as time has gone by, I have found so many cute places within driving distance. Hanover is located outside of Madison, Ind. There are lots of lovely old stores you can visit. You can get the best mint chocolate ice cream there, you can get very authentic Chinese food there, and you can also see the most pretty river view there.

Just a few weeks ago on my birthday, my friend took me to one of the stores which has a “wishing woods” in its basement. Basically, what you do is write your wishes on the ribbon and hang it on the trees. It is super tight.

Can you find a cuter penguin than that?
Can you find a cuter penguin than this one?

Furthermore, you can easily go to the nearby cities such as Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Finding a weekend with pretty weather and going on a short road trip with your friends has to be the best thing ever.

This weekend, my friends and I went to Newport Aquarium ,which is located outside of Cincinnati. When you are with your friends, playingthe music loud  and talking nonsense, an hour and half drive seems incredibly short.

As an aquarium expert (I’m actually not. I just always go to all the aquariums wherever I am), I could not have gotten more excited.

Looking at the penguins was the most fun part of the aquarium trip. The way they walk and swim just makes you want to keep them and hug them every day (I’m pretty sure you will get hurt if you do that). And I also got to touch sea stars. I got so excited like I was just five years old.

I’m looking forward to my next adventure.


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