Exploring Hanover’s scenery

A few friends enjoying the scenery at the Buddha Belly.
A few friends enjoying the scenery at the Buddha Belly.

With more than 650 acres of land at Hanover College, if you don’t take advantage of them while at the school then you’re missing out on a great deal.

Over the past school year and summer, I’ve explored a lot of the trails near campus and there are plenty more for me to find. I’ve been from Crowe Falls to Happy Valley to The Acre (ask an upperclassman)  and a lot of places in between.

This summer was especially good for taking advantage of the trails and experiencing the outdoors.

The one bad thing about hiking in the summer is the heat. While some people live for the summer, I’m not a fan of the heat and sweat of the season. That being said, I absolutely love the cool breeze of the fall, and weekends are the best time to go for a day of exploration. This past weekend was one such time.

Waking up early Saturday (around 11:30 a.m., early for me), a group of friends and I met in front of our house. Decked in hiking boots and carrying a few bottles of water and a snack, we headed out in search of one of Hanover’s best and coolest waterfalls.

The Buddha Belly is about a 30-45 minute rugged walk from campus, but when you see it for the first time you can’t help but wonder how it got to look like it does. The Buddha Belly is aptly named as the water has fallen on the rock face in such a way that it looks like a giant round belly sticking out of the wall.

While on my first or second trip out there, I didn’t get a good picture of the Buddha Belly, a definite sight to see while on campus. It’s possible to find it on your own, but for the best trip grab a couple of upperclassmen friends and set out for adventure.

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