What’s the big deal with studying science?

So, I just got done taking my chemistry exam yesterday evening, and man, I could have sworn I came out a different person. That test didn’t just make me feel that chemists speak a different language, it made me honor how intense our science department is at Hanover.

This is a 100 level Intro to Chemistry class I’m talking about, that I spent three days, including my entire weekend to study for, and I still couldn’t figure out whether I made any sense half way through the test! I sat there front and center with just a third of the students taking this chemistry class, and all I can think about is how much harder this course is going to get from this point.

This chemistry class has five sections, with one professor teaching two classes. If that doesn’t say something about how many of our students are science majors or thinking of being one, I don’t know what will.

The book that might just be the death of my GPA this semester.
The book that might just be the death of my GPA this semester.

A lot of freshmen come to campus thinking that science is the major for them, but then one class, like the one I’m in, really gets them thinking about the highly intense career and graduate programs that could follow their four years of being a Hanover student.

I find this really helpful, because it’s better to know if you’re cut out for your dream career before you venture into it, either in the job arena or in graduate school. I know a lot of my peers who are grateful to the professors they had in their freshmen year for helping them discover their strengths, and more importantly, their weaknesses.

There is a saying here at Hanover, that the 100-level science classes are used to weed out who is really serious about being a full time Hanover science student and who isn’t. I know that sounds pretty harsh, but would you rather have it easy in college and then have to face full-fledged competition in graduate school or in the workforce, or would you rather be prepared, and be the competition yourself?

Last, but not the least, there is no major here at Hanover that can be clearly marked as easy, from the social sciences to the arts to the classics or to languages; every program is intense in it’s own way. This isn’t meant to scare you, but if you’re not serious about being prepared, you can bet that Hanover will change that mind set for you in the first month of classes.


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