Taking a break with something new(ish)

I think that it is important to try new things out and to rediscover old things outside of the educational realm. In college, we often underestimate (or over estimate) this, but believe it or not, it really does help with studies when you take a breather every once in a while. It’s also a good idea to try something new.

Last Friday, the 13th, which is the most lucky day ever to try something remotely dangerous (not superstitious at all, just saying), I learned how to play racquetball with some new friends.

Just as a little back up, I had only played racquetball once in my life when I was 15. I remember that day vividly: the hard ball, my old hand me-down racquet that left a smurfy-blue residue on my hand, face and every other part of my body that happened to touch the decrepit handle.

The hot and sticky indoor court, my evident lack of hand-eye coordination and the brui– *ahem* battle scars left on my body made for a nightmare that I didn’t want to repeat ever again. So, when I some campus friends asked me to play, of course, I replied with an enthusiastic yes, but I assure you my head screamed, “No. Just no.”

Thankfully, my emotions quickly flipped as soon as I entered the court and started playing. I love the game so much now that I actually learned the rules. The facilities here were way better than that of the other college I was at when I was 15 (never underestimate the importance of an air-conditioned sports facility in the summer. Ever.)

Also, I had three amazing teachers who are now some of my best friends here, and while I can’t say that I’m a good player (yet), the skills they have been teaching me have made it where at least I can now hit the ball at the wall instead of at the poor guy in front of me.

By the way, if you are the poor soul that this happened to, I’m sorry and my aim is way better now.

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