Home, sweet home (non-Hanover home, regular home)

My midget dog, Bella, obviously ecstatic to see me
My midget dog, Bella, obviously ecstatic to see me

Well, readers, I’m home for the weekend. After an unbelievably stressful week, I came home to see my parents, dogs and long lost friend: my Xbox 360. That paper and presentation I stressed about last week, well I got a B+ on it, so I’m pretty happy.

I was hoping for an A, of course, but as my late night progressed last week, and I went over my speech time after time before class, I got a little nervous. I practiced at least a dozen times and with each time I gained a little more confidence. But at the same time, I became more nervous as class time approached.

Once I was actually in class, it felt like a panic attack, and I would have been satisfied receiving a passing grade as long as I got done with it. Regardless, I got both the speech and the paper done, so I’m pretty happy having finished it all.

But now I’m home and I’m stress free (sort of). I’m at least not stressed over a paper or presentation. I do have some homework to do, but I plan on doing some big things while I’m home.

First of all, I’m playing Halo, lots and lots of Halo. I keep my Xbox at home to keep me from being distracted, but now that I’m home I’m logging plenty of hours on it. I also plan on getting my hairs trimmed and seeing a movie with my parents.

Enough about my plans. In all seriousness, every college student needs to make a visit home every couple of weeks. It’s just good for the soul. Plus, your parents will probably start to miss you, and it’s always nice coming home to a mom who is willing to make you any kind of food and also do all your laundry (even after you tell her a thousand times it’s not necessary).

College life will get to you at some point. You’ll get overwhelmed like I was last week. You’ll get angry at school, you’ll lose sleep, and you’ll think for a brief moment that college is a major bummer. The weekends are always a remedy hanging out with your friends and procrastinating with them until Sunday night, but going home really can’t be beat.

Since you’re usually the only one of your friends who’s actually home while all your high school friends are still at college, you get a lot of stuff done. There aren’t any distractions, you watch a bunch of movies on TV, and you generally just lay around while somehow still being productive.

Best of all, the weekend seems to last FOREVER. At school, you go to bed late and then wake up late. It may still be the case at home, but for some reason you’re more productive during those hours you’re awake. Maybe because there’s nothing to do at home, so all you have is homework? Or maybe you don’t have friends asking you to go do stuff with them all the time? I honestly don’t know, but it’s nice being by yourself sometimes.

I especially like it. Waking up whenever I want, not when my roommate does, doing homework in my room (my actual room at home) instead of walking to the library, and getting Skyline for the first time in what seems like an eternity. There are multiple things that can be done at home that can’t be done at school, and when you are home, it’s best to take advantage of them.

I’d continue my list of things to do/will be doing/have already done while I’m here, but I need to get back to playing Halo online. Weekends don’t last forever, regardless of where you are! Until next time, my friends.

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