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Sure, it could be the fact that my girlfriend, whom I’ve dated for nearly a year, is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta, but when someone asks my brothers and me for a helping hand, we’re always willing to give it.

Last year, when Theta called on Sigma Chi to DJ a fundraiser because no one else on campus would do it for free, we jumped on the opportunity to help out. The event was a huge success, raised loads of money, and we had a great time. Recently, they asked us to do the same thing for another event they host, Toss for a Cause.

Matt, Jesse, and I proudly supporting the women of Kappa Alpha Theta! Like my new necklace?
Matt, Jesse, and I proudly supporting the women of Kappa Alpha Theta. Like my new necklace?

Toss for a Cause is Theta’s annual philanthropy event where the campus community is invited to make teams and play cornhole, a Hanover/tailgate classic. All the proceeds from registration (which is only $10, but it adds up with so many students aiming for first place) go to Theta’s philanthropy, CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates. The prize for the first place winner is a cornhole board, handcrafted and painted by some of Theta’s finest.

We showed up about an hour before the event started and set up all our sound equipment. I expected having the ability to get wi-fi on The Quad, but it turns out that five feet from the back patio of the Campus Center is too much to ask for.

Luckily, I managed to procure the Top-40 billboard hits a few weeks beforehand, so running the event with that and the rest of my iTunes didn’t end up being a problem.

While we were there, we figured we might as well make a cornhole team and see how far in the tournament we could get; we ended up going three rounds before we finally lost. At the end of the day, the fundraiser exceeded its monetary goals.

Doing my best at cornhole!
Trying my best at cornhole.

A few days later was the girls’ run. I blogged about this last semester, for those of you who are avid followers (and why¬†wouldn’t you be?) so I’ll spare the details of what that is.

However, this year, there was a slight bug in the system that might bring a few questions to the Greek Life administration. For fraternities, we aren’t limited in our numbers, so we can accept members whenever we decide we would like.

Sororities are different in the fact that they can only have a certain number of members maximum. This year, Kappa Alpha Theta was the only sorority able to give out bids because they were the only house that wasn’t at full capacity.

This caused a lot of confusion among the sororities because the houses felt like they were being cheated out of being able to let new members in. Hopefully, this all gets cleared up for all of Greek Life’s sake!


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