Brothers Serving the Community

A few of my bros having a good time helping the community.
A few of my bros having a good time helping the community.

Last Friday was a really cool way to start of the school year. This year, I took over as philanthropy chair of Sigma Chi – Chi Chapter. I already have a few events and fundraisers planned, but our first service event was this past Friday.

Nine of our brothers and friends of the house went to Lydia Middleton Elementary School to help with their Fall Family Festival.

We had brothers serving popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and working with inflatable mazes. Another group was in charge of selling Hawaiian leis for a coin toss competition. At the different stations, we worked hand in hand with a few people from Madison Consolidated High School and other members of the community.

A few brothers wore our letter shirts and perhaps one of the coolest part of the evening was meeting a few alumni of our chapter of Sigma Chi. It’s always awesome to run into Sigs out and about but it means a lot when you find people from your own chapter.

While most of us had passed the school beforehand, it was cool to see the inside and get to know downtown Madison a little better.

Our next event will be Oct. 2 and will be a campus golf tournament. We’ll be raising money for La Casa Amiga, a local organization that helps teach English as a second language, helps local children with language homework, offers tutoring and holds a bilingual story hour.

If you don’t know what campus golf is, it’s more or less golf (surprise, surprise). The main difference between golf and campus golf is the use of tennis balls instead of golf balls. They’re softer and won’t break windows as easily and they’re just generally safer.

Rather than having actual holes, the goal is to hit the tennis ball at a certain object like a tree, flower pot, or street lamp in the least strokes possible. Our house has played it a lot in the past, and it’s finally becoming more widely played on campus, which is really awesome in a lot of our opinions.

That’s my next project that I can’t wait to see come to fruition.

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