The second week feels like two months

Kelsey Hill, my roommate, getting ready for her one of the many races she’ll running her senior year at Hanover.

So it’s a week after classes began, and I pretty much feel like I’ve been on campus for two months already. With a mix of the classes I’m taking to the various campus events already happening, feeling overwhelmed is an understatement.

Even a three-day long weekend wouldn’t have been enough for me to catch up on last week’s work. I’m taking two science classes, a studio class and a business class. So there’s a lot of number crunching and problem solving, which is not one of my fortés, may I add to that?

Being an upperclassman is really starting to get to me, especially with my 8 a.m. classes four days a week, though getting out of classes earlier does free up the rest of my day pretty well so, I can’t complain too much.

It gives me time to get ahead on homework, while the rest of my friends are still in class. It’s always a good feeling to be ahead on work and have free time to rejuvenate later.

Now talking about the events that occurred over this past weekend, I’m sure you’ve read the other bloggers talk oodles about the Blacklight Party and the performances at the Withrow Activities center. We also did have a few sporting events, here’s the link to check out how our Panthers have excelled in various athletic fields:

Kelsey getting all pumped for the race.
Kelsey getting all pumped for the race.

I’m not really into athletics, in general (maybe if we had cricket on this side on the world I would at least be able to pride myself in understanding a sport). That aside, my roommate Kelsey Hill is on the cross country team, so I hear a lot of stories about how awesome they are doing.

It makes me feel like I’m missing out a lot as far as building some really good bonds over my college career. Kelsey’s a senior and has been on the team since her first year; she really does awe me with how dedicated she is to her training.

She’s student teaching, since she’s an education major this semester, and I  don’t know how she juggles practice with lesson planning, but kudos to her.

I’m turning 21 this Saturday so, in case you guys wondered how an international student brings in the big Two-One, stay tuned, cause I’ll be finding out, too!



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