Go Greek!

Me on the right with some of my sisters.

Go Greek! If you would have approached me three years ago talking about Greek Life, I probably would have dismissed the conversation once it was over and be on my way.

Now I realize how wrong I was about being affiliated, and I even took on the role as Gamma Chi director or director of the recruiting counselors for Greek women.

Coming into Hanover, I had seen the movies, heard the stereotypes, read the stories or even seen them on the news. When I stepped on campus, I wasn’t interested in joining a sorority immediately, but as the semester progressed I realized how actively involved Greek women are on campus and more about what their organization actually stands for; it has nothing to do with beer or a good party.

Affiliated women value scholarship, philanthropy, leadership and personal excellence (just to name a few). They currently have a higher G.P.A. average than unaffiliated women and are active volunteers on campus and in the community.

There are very few organizations that I personally can think of without a Greek member involved or in a leadership role; there are also very few Greeks who don’t want to help out an organization in need.

Looking back now, I can’t imagine my life at Hanover College without all my sisters. I can’t fathom the idea of not having 60 sisters to fall back on, and that’s why I decided to apply to be Gamma Chi director.

Negative stereotypes about Greek life are common, and I want to help be a part of challenging that status quo. I want to help first-year students realize what being an affiliated member has to offer to them. Deciding to join a Greek organization has easily been one of the best choices I have made while at Hanover and arguably one of the best in my short life.  

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