Bike trip

We all have those moments with friends where we talk about fantastic adventures, road trips and impromptu explorations. We get pumped up at the thought of adrenaline rushing through our bodies and get caught up in imagining the possibilities.

All too often, however, this is as far as these adventures get. Not entirely unlike two people seeing each other and saying, “We should hang out sometime.” It’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t always happen.

It was about a week ago when I was talking to my friend, Taylor, late at night and the idea of going on a cross country bike trip came up. It was something that I’d considered many times before, with many friends, but it just never happened.

This time it was just different. The next day we were at WalMart looking for what supplies we would need to buy. A few days later, we bought everything we needed (including bikes) and set everything up to leave.

Getting our bikes ready for the trip.
Getting our bikes ready for the trip.

If you ever want to go on a long distance bike trip, I suggest using It outlines all the places you can camp or hike on a trip like this. Depending on where you live, they might be spaced apart well enough to lay out your path for you.

Taylor and I decided we would ride out for a day and a half and then ride back in the same amount of time. We biked as far out as Hardy Lake. It wasn’t as far as we intended to go, but considering the fact that we didn’t train at all, I’m not disappointed.

When we finally arrived. we walked around and explored the area, looking for a place to sleep for the night. We decided a spot near the RV’s was a good place. We laid down a tarp and both crawled into our sleeping bags.

We woke up a lot more sore than we anticipated. Instead of biking out further like we planned, we decided to bike back to campus. I’m glad that’s what we chose because I barely even made that distance back alive. But that’s not stopping us from hoping to make another trip sometime soon.

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