It’s that time of year

The time is here, (aka move-in time at college). Time for me to procrastinate packing all of my clothes and school supplies; time for my mom and grandma to grab a box of tissues; time for me to beg my dad and grandpa to carry the heavy stuff; and time for us Hanoverians to get back to campus.

Although we all love our three-month-long summer without a care in the world, it’s always nice to get back in the groove of things at Hanover.

My roommates and I after we moved everything in!
My roommates and I after we moved everything in.

Getting back to college means a lot more to me then just going back to classes. To me, my return to Hanover is reuniting with all my friends and classmates, getting excited to see all my teammates and coaches, decorating my room exactly how I want it and, of course, being on Hanover’s amazing campus everyday.

Right now, I have an entire week until my classes start, so I’m still in care-free mode. As of now, all I have to worry about is getting to my work shift on time. Last year as a freshman, I was involved in the work-study program, which I am going to do as a sophomore as well.

I work at the Horner Center, which is the gym at Hanover College.  So in the week before classes, I will work there for many hours during the day.

However, over the next week, I intend to enjoy what free time I still have left, spend some time catching up with my roommates and teammates, and mentally preparing for the upcoming semester, since in a week, the time will come for studying!

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