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Sports signing with Hannah, showing off my Hanover pride.
Sports signing with Hannah, showing off my Hanover pride.

Incoming freshmen students have about three weeks left until we move into our dorms for school. I am ready to go! I am anxiously counting down the days until I move in. I have no idea what to expect, but I know I’m ready.

I found out that my roommate will be Sydney Pitts. Actually, I have been talking to her since January about going to Hanover. We both don’t know anyone going to Hanover so we decided way back then to be roommates.

We live only 15 minutes away from each other, which is weird because I didn’t know who she was until I saw her on the Hanover class of 2017 page on Facebook.

What made me even more ecstatic is her favorite colors are blue, green and yellow, and those are mine, too. So our dorm room is going to be filled with a bunch of those three colors. We both don’t want our room feeling like a jail cell, so we’re adding as much color as possible.

I have been so busy getting everything I need to be ready for this incoming year. I’m sure others feel the same way as well. You don’t want to forget anything important.

I have gotten most of my stuff except for the most important things: lap top, school supplies and all my books. I probably won’t end up getting those things until the very last minute, either. You can say I embody the phrase, “procrastination at it’s finest.”

Speaking of procrastination, I am only on page 50 of the book, “Winter’s Bone,” if that makes anyone feel better.┬áThis is the book that freshmen students are strongly encouraged to read during the summer. Trust me, I will get the book done, I just probably won’t get it done until the Aug. 24, and move in day is Aug. 25.

On another note, I just went shopping for new clothes with my twin and my mom yesterday for school. Going to an all girl Catholic school with uniforms, you didn’t need a bunch of cute outfits.

To be honest, my wardrobe consists of sweats, sweatshirts, t shirts and more sweats. I had a rude awakening when I organized and cleaned out my closet the other day: I took a nap on a pile of sweats, and it felt like a cloud. I told myself, “Katy, you seriously need to go shopping, don’t go to college looking like some dude.”

I may be worried about choosing what sweats and sweatshirts will come with me to college and which ones will stay home. To me, this is a serious debate. What? I live in comfort.

By far, that’s not the most important thing to me, however. The most important thing to me is that I feel ready to go. It doesn’t matter about the clothes or books (actually, that does matter, you need those for class), or dorm stuff. What matters is if you are emotionally ready to go. It’s a whole new chapter in your life that you have got to be ready to take.

I am finally ready to say that I’m ready for Hanover, I just hope Hanover is ready for me.





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