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If you keep up with my blogging, you know that I went to Chicago a few weekends ago for my birthday. It was a lot of fun, and the closest I’ve been to my home since Christmas. Well, this past weekend I wound up there again, for business rather than pleasure. Not to say that there was no fun to be had.

The traveling theatre I work for went to Chicago and had three performances over the course of the weekend. At first, I thought it would be a terrible trip, where we would be right in the city, but never have the opportunity to go out and about to explore.

Luckily I was wrong. Our show is less than an hour and a half long, and set-up/tear-down adds about an hour to that. Add in the fact that our contract says we have to be at a venue a full two hours before the show starts, and you’ve got about four and a half hours of time each day that we’re working.

In the meantime, we were free to basically do what we wanted. I’ve never spent as much time wandering Chicago and the surrounding area as I did during those three days. We explored different cafes, thumbed through the pages at comic book stores, and stumbled upon the longest stretch of gay pride I’ve ever seen on a street. (Clark Street, in case you’re wondering).

The shows themselves were good. On the second performance night, our director, who has been working at a summer camp during our touring season, showed up and watched us perform. It was this night that I happened to give what I thought was my best performance, too.

He must have thought it wasn’t all that bad either, and said I am officially an actor now. It meant a lot coming from a pro to a computer science major.

This poor guy tailgated so hard that he didn't even make it to the stadium!
This poor guy tailgated so hard that he didn’t even make it to the stadium!

Our last day in Chicago was spent sightseeing and having fun. We planned on going to the Shedd Aquarium, but the line was so long when we got there that we decided to visit the Field Museum next door instead.

Outside the buildings, in the parking lot, was a gigantic tailgating section. Little did we know, we were in the city the same time the Gold Cup was going on at Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears usually play).

We didn’t see the game, but from hearing the crowd roar like the ocean and seeing the aftermath in the parking lot, we think it was a good match.

For the record, USA beat Mexico by one goal! America!

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