You can’t lose with professors

Something that is always discussed when in college is professors. Good ones, bad ones, old, young, tenured, untenured, etc. There are always several things you want to know about the professor before you take his or her class. I know I always do.

Before I take any of my non-major courses like math and science, which are not my strong points, I ask a friend, “What is this professor like? Boring? Engaging? Do they cancel class if it snows?” The list goes on.

Dr. Bettler, right, one of Hanover’s best professors

Here at Hanover I can say with confidence that I have never had a dud professor ever in the past three years. I am not saying by any means that I loved all my professors dearly because some classes you just don’t like, it happens.

I can say that all of my professors have helped me to become a better critical thinker, reader, public speaker and overall person in general. They have provided me with knowledge that is super helpful in conversations I have had with other students outside of Hanover, as well as with alumni, my old high school teachers and with family members. I am confident talking about a wide variety of subjects, as well.

From my first week of August Experience to now, I have definitely seen changes in my work ethic, reading, writing and public speaking. All of my professors at Hanover have helped me to do that.

Maybe learning about theology or philosophy isn’t something you think you would enjoy, but for me it turned out that I did. I have taken two courses outside of my major and LADRs (Liberal Arts Degree Requirements) because I just enjoyed the professor or the subject.

Professors at Hanover make going to class every day worth it. Most professors I’ve had often have a great sense of humor and are very engaging in a classroom setting.

At Hanover you really can’t lose with your professors. No matter what class you take you are getting a grade A professor who will teach you more than you ever thought you wanted to know and will help you to grow as a student and as a person.

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