Meredith is in purple, I am on her back, Connor is in the back with the gray shirt, Jenna is in the pink, and Rob is next to her in the white.
Meredith is in purple, I am on her back, Connor is in the back with the gray shirt, Jenna is in the pink, and Rob is next to her in the white.

The other night my friends and I wanted to do something fun. So I reminded them of this idea they had a long time ago, paint twister. This is the game “Twister,” but better.

If you have never heard of “Twister,” it is the game where you have a group of people and a person who spins the board of colors. There is a mat lying on the ground, and if the spinner person lands on right foot red you have to put your right foot on red.

To make this game more entertaining than it already is, we bought paint bottles, the color of the dots on the twister mat, and splattered the paint on the dots.

What we didn’t realize , though, was how slippery the twister mat was going to be. You had people slipping left from right, and taking others out in the process.

By the second round my body was covered in paint, which was partly my fault and partly that of my friend Connor’s,  for so-called accidentally putting paint in my mouth. I couldn’t rub it off because my hands were covered in paint, and that would have only made it worse.

We had multiple rounds, then we got distracted. I don’t know who started it, but we all took the bottles of paint and started splattering them at each other. I was bottle-less, so I was the target with no weapon.

Connor took the entire twister mat and wrapped it around me like I was a present. Then I started laughing and he said, “You’re actually enjoying this.” Then he made fun of me for it, as did my three other friends.

Eventually we were all miserable and decided it would be best to clean off with the hose. Now, no, that wasn’t fun; it was absolutely freezing.

Connor ended up falling down the three concrete steps on his butt. I wasn’t there to see that, but when I came back and they told me that he hurt his tailbone I laughed, hard.

All my friends think I’m heartless (they are really kidding) because of this one time back in winter when we went sled riding. Connor was sled riding and went off a ramp and the rest of the day he complained about his shoulder. Me, being myself, said “suck it up and rub some dirt in it.” I said it jokingly, really.

He ended up snapping a bone in his shoulder and had to get surgery for it. I felt horrible about it, but whenever he gets hurt now I laugh, but I make sure he is okay, too. That sounds horrible, but I swear it’s not as bad as it sounds. Fortunately, his tailbone is okay!

After that fall, when we were all clean, we went on my friend Meredith’s porch and just talked the rest of the night. It was Connor’s birthday so we tried to make it as special as possible. It ended up being a great night.


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