Preparing for year three

This year I will be a junior, and since I’m living on campus already for work, I won’t pass up an opportunity to get ready for the coming year.

The room I’ll live in this year at Sigma Chi has been a family room for the last few years. In Greek life, there are families and lineages. During your pledgeship, you are given a mentor brother/sister who is called your big. You are their little. These lines are known as families.

My room has been lived in by someone in my Greek family for a while now, and each year something has been added to it to improve it. Last year, two of the four walls were painted orange, and the trim was done around the windows. This year my roommate and I decided to take it one step further.

Orange and red collide! You should see it with the lights turned on! (That's Matt, my roommate, hiding from the camera).
Orange and red collide! You should see it with the lights turned on! (That’s Matt, my roommate, hiding from the camera).

Our room is now the brightest colored room in the house; two walls are orange and two are red. On top of this, we also painted all the trim that goes around the room black. Up on the ceiling I installed spots for four blacklights to go up whenever there is a party or social event at our house.

The final improvement, which I haven’t gotten to yet, will be to mount the speakers for the room on the walls. Our room will be pretty bumping, as the kids say nowadays, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the library right across the road. Sometimes, it becomes our second home.

In addition to improvements that will last for years to come, we also made a few changes just for this year while we are there. We found a five-seat L-section couch at Goodwill, in perfectly good condition, for 50 dollars. We covered the entire floor with a black/orange carpet to match the walls for only 60 dollars.

We also switched some furniture between our room and another down the hall, so that both rooms would benefit from having furniture to more adequately fit the room. For the record, Goodwill is your friend if you’re trying to get some decent furniture for cheap.

I’m excited to see what this year will bring, and I’m making sure we’re ready for it!

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