Forming an educated opinion

News collage from several media websites
News collage from several media websites

Being in Turkey hasn’t exiled me from the world of media, and I have been trying to keep up to date with as much as I can. Some of the news that I have read from around the world is enjoyable, but most of it is troubling, sad and makes me angry and grateful at the same time.

I am so happy to live in America and have so many rights and freedoms. Times are changing with ots of changes in society: update to laws, corruption and work standards. You could say we are experiencing change in all areas of life.

Recently, there has been a string of events that have many people in favor  of them as well as several in opposition. I have my own opinion but I’m not going to share it here. I would rather share how I was able to come to my opinion.

Being a student at Hanover has introduced me to a new way of thinking, a critical way of thinking and looking at the world I don’t think I would have experienced at some of the other schools I had considered attending.

Hanover teaches you to form your own educated opinion, not just an opinion. Through classes such as philosophy, theology, communication, economics, etc., I have been exposed to so many different ways to look at one subject.

I know now that I hadn’t ever participated in this kind of thinking while growing up. I often thought, “So-and-so said it was true, so it must be true, and I agree with that.” Now, I have definitely stepped up from that way of thinking. I want to know more and form my own opinion and have educated conversations with peers and elders.

Hanover has taught me a better way to communicate with the world around me, which has really come in handy when you talk to alums at Homecoming who are years and years older than you. Your conversation can reach a middle ground when you can discuss news or whatever makes them feel a little less old (just a little joke), and they’re often impressed with how you are able to carry on a conversation past topics like Miley Cyrus’s recent breakdown, the latest celebrity breakup or last week’s party.

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  1. Living in America certainly grants us privileges that I often take for granted (including having rights and freedoms). One that I have forgotten until reading your post is being able to develop the ability to formulate my own opinions, and having outlets for those opinions to initiate change. I’m happy you are gaining so many experiences abroad, and sharing your perspective. It’s not easy traveling and performing remote work, so keep it up Careen!

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