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The title says it all.  I’m a small town Salem, Ind., girl who does not do well with directions. So I guess you could say that traveling the two-hour drive to Indianapolis by myself was a big step for me.

I was all prepared to get there. I had my GPS set up, music loaded, full tank of gas, and I was ready to go. However, halfway to Indy, my GPS decided to give me an anxiety attack by dying. I’m not the best at multitasking while driving, so trying to fix the GPS while driving on the interstate just wasn’t my best bet. I just let it die and forgot about it.

Although it was a long drive there and back, I was glad to have good directions to guide me!
Although it was a long drive there and back, I was glad to have good directions on my iPhone to guide me!

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. I remembered, “Why am I freaking out when I have an even better GPS right at my fingertips?!” My iPhone 4S was my saving grace.

I told Siri (the voice recognition software) my destination. She told me when to turn, when to go straight, how many miles until my next turn, and what time I would arrive at my destination. I don’t know why I didn’t think to use my iPhone for directions in the first place, but I was really glad I had Siri to walk me through step-by-step.

The best part was that I recently hooked my iPhone up to my radio, so Siri talked to me through my radio using the Bluetooth feature. Now all my calls, my iTunes music, and even the directions Siri gave me all came through my radio. Pretty cool, right? Well, those aren’t the only ways my iPhone was useful in my travels.

An app I downloaded on my iPhone called “Gas Buddy” helps me determine where I should stop and purchase gasoline. All I have to do on this application is type in what city or zip code I’m in, and it gives me an array of gas prices, from lowest to highest.

The nice thing about small towns is someone is always willing to give you directions and help you out.  Although I’m not familiar with driving in the big cities, the interstate, etc., my iPhone and Siri definitely made it a lot easier for me.

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