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I’ve mentioned that I haven’t been home since Christmas, yeah? That dish comes with a nice side of barely leaving the campus. Sure, I leave when we travel for the theater, but that’s usually a get in, get done and get gone kind of deal. I needed a break from campus, so that’s what I did.

Last Saturday, my friend, Matt, and I went to visit a friend of ours who has been out of the country studying in Brazil for a year (talk about getting off campus). Thanks to the generous scholarship programs that Hanover offers, like Richter Grants, he was able to do this without having to pay a majority of the cost. Living in Brazil, learning the language and understanding the culture were some pretty intense experiences, he told us.

Our friend lives very close to Cincinnati, which isn’t too far from campus, only about 70 miles. I’ve never spent much time in Cincinnati, so I was enjoying myself before we even got to the Cincinnati Zoo, our main destination.

Parking was a bit of a hassle; it had just finished raining, so we figured there wouldn’t be very many people there. We were right, but since so few people were there, only one parking lot was open. Naturally, it was the last one we bothered to check.

This guy startled me as I walked into the nearly pitch black building filled with nocturnal animals.
This guy startled me as I walked into the nearly pitch black building filled with nocturnal animals.

Being at the zoo was a lot of fun. Up in Chicago we have two zoos, but I haven’t been to either of them in years. For anyone coming to campus and wondering if the Cincinnati Zoo is worth it, I would definitely recommend it.

The park is clean, the staff are friendly, and you can walk through the whole park in less than three hours. The exhibits were very interactive as well.

For one of them, you walk into a big cage, and you’re in the exhibit with a bunch of birds. Hold your arm out and they’re even likely to come land on you.

Seeing our friend and going to the zoo was fun, but for now I’m working my way up to Chicago. I’m currently in Terre Haute visiting a friend, and soon I’ll swing by Indianapolis. This weekend is my 21st birthday, and Chicago is my destination.

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