The Twin Life

If you didn’t know from my previous post I am a twin. I have a twin sister, Nicole, who is probably the best sister out there. Besides from the constant bickering we do, we are really close.

Nicole is two minutes older than me; leaving me to be the youngest in the family. When people ask us who is older she responds all confidently, shoving it in my face, that she is older. Being my usual self, though, I respond and say “I am four and a half inches taller than her.” I won’t let her get all the glory! She always tells me she wishes she was my height, sorry Nicole!

Nicole and I at Soccer senior day being our usual selves!

You could say we look alike, but I would probably just laugh at you. My twin and I are complete opposites! She is short, pale, has blue eyes, and blonde hair (German side of the family). I am tall, tan, have brown eyes, and brown hair (Italian side of the family).

We always make jokes to people that one of us was switched at birth, and that our “real” twin is somewhere else out there.

We do have some similarities. We both love sports. Honestly, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves without them in our life. She and I both played soccer in high school together. Then we both took on separate sports so we could have something that people wouldn’t compare us to.

She played basketball her freshman year, but she injured her shoulder really bad playing soccer. So she couldn’t play basketball the rest of high school. My sport was track because I love to run.

Sports brought out the competitive side in us, starting at a very young age.

When we were younger I was more of a girly girl and she was a straight up tom boy. When she was three she would walk around our neighborhood all day without a shirt on, while I wore a dress with nice shoes.

We had a bunch of kids in our neighborhood, a lot of boys, so we would all get together to play football. She was always the first one chosen while I was the last one. She had one great arm and was seriously better than the guys at football. I, on the other hand, didn’t really know what I was doing.

I was always so jealous of her because she was so good at everything.

Things took a turn in grade school when I went through my growth spurt. I became much more athletic and faster than I had been. I didn’t realize that my sister and I switched roles until she told me one day. That was weird to hear, but it didn’t give me a good feeling like I expected. I felt bad because being jealous of your twin doesn’t lead you in a good direction, trust me!

I responded to her telling her she has qualities I don’t have. She is very outgoing and could talk to anyone. In fact, she was the co-school president of our high school. She is a leader and knows how to keep people positive and smiling. She is probably one of the funniest people out there too; there is never a dull moment with her. In school, she is on top of things and organized.

Those are qualities I don’t have and would love to, but I don’t and that’s okay. I told her “you have all that and I have my sports. Sports is what I turn to when things get tough, because that’s the one thing I’m confident in. I have to work extremely hard for grades in school, and sometimes it still doesn’t pay off. I am definitely not as out going as you are.”

We both learned that we are different from one another, and that’s what makes us who we are. We both support each other with everything we do. Being a twin people may look at you as just the twins, but you eventually learn to find your individual self.

Some people say we should be talk show hosts one day together because we are so different, but we bring out the good traits in each other.

This year she is going to The University Of Louisville and I will be attending Hanover. These are two completely different schools, but we knew that they fit us well even though they aren’t the same school. I will miss her more than anything this year, but I know she is doing what’s best for her, just like I am.

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