I Survived Romania…

I say I survived Romania because there were moments when I felt like I just wasn’t going to make it. I felt as if I would be lost forever, sweat until my death, or be taken right off the street. While in Romania I visited my roommate who just graduated, Rachel Slade. I stayed in Bucharest and took a day and a half trip to Constanta to see her while she was in the country. I couldn’t pass up the one opportunity to have a little taste of my Hanover home that I miss so much!

While in Constanta I volunteered with Rachel at the Romanian Handicapped Ministries (a vacation bible school like program). It was such a great experience and I got the chance to meet and work with some amazing people. I was so happy for the chance to see one my best friends and sorority sister in a new place and have such a great time.

Theta kite in Romania

My adventure in Bucharest wasn’t so pleasant. When I finally took time to check out the sites that I wanted to see I was told wrong directions and literally roamed the streets of Bucharest for about three hours total having no clue where I was or knowing which way to go. I had a break down moment when I even sat down in a park and just cried out of pure frustration. I only made it to two of my intended locations. I was able to visit the Village Museum and Cismigui Park. The Village Museum was really cool and had houses that dated back all the way to the late 1700s. Cismigui Park was nothing like I imagined. I walked up to see a completely vandalized park sign, no flowers, and a ton of weeds. This is not what I expected to see after researching places to go in Bucharest and this showing up in the top 10. I was extremely disappointed and icing on top of the cake was when I was stopped in broad daylight by a stranger telling me how beautiful was and asking if my tattoo was natural? After that question my brain screamed “Run!” I placed a pep in my step, went straight back to hostel and then the airport.

Once I arrived back in Izmir I had never been so happy. I know I smelled awful after sweating all day from walking around Bucharest and once I got back to Space Camp changed and started my duty on hab duty for the night. When I finally laid down in my air conditioned room again it was like all was right in the world! Romania definitely was not the most pleasant trip for me but I was happy that I was able to visit Rachel and learn about an extraordinary organization.

If you are interested in reading more about my daily adventures in Bucharest and while in Turkey check out my personal blog: Next Chapter: Turkey.

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