On the search

Ever since I have been home from college, I have been on the search. Not only searching for fun ways spend my time on these summer nights, but also for a job. I was about to lose my mind searching for a job.

Since my schedule is somewhat busy during the summer with basketball camps, it’s hard to find a business that can work around it. I went to a number of businesses to see if they were hiring without any luck.

As I  talked to my family about my frustration, my cousin reminded me that I basically have the world at my fingertips. I have something called a smart phone. My iPhone allows me to download applications. Of course there’s an app called “Job Search.”

A screenshot I took on my iPhone of the home screen on the Job Search app.
A screenshot I took on my iPhone of the home screen on the Job Search app.

The “Job Search” app allows you to type in your zip code and will locate different  jobs in your city and in cities close by. You can also type in a description of  the job you want.  For example, if I want a job at Walmart, I would type in “Walmart cashier” and the app would display all the available jobs at Walmart and any other job opportunities at their business.

It is a big load taken off your shoulders if you are job searching like me. It’s much easier because you don’t have to go around business to business asking each one if they are hiring. If you find a job on the Job Search app that you are interested in, you can sometimes even apply online. If not, you know exactly where to go to pick up an application.

If you have been struggling to find jobs during the summer, just go to the app store and type in “job search.”  It will help you out in your summer job search!

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