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Gage pretending to be professional
Gage pretending to be professional

I returned home from my new found paradise, Colorado, Sunday evening. First thing Monday morning, I had to report to Norton Healthcare’s orientation day for all new employees. I am working as an intern in the administration, marketing and government relations offices at Kosair Children’s Hospital, a Norton’s pediatric division.

My start with the hospital goes way back to when I was little, but the most important involvement I’ve had with Kosair started during my freshman year in high school when I was old enough to be a teen volunteer.

I worked there every summer during high school and often throughout the school year. The last two summers I spent co-leading the teen volunteer program as the teen volunteer manager. This year, however, I have outgrown the volunteer position, but Kosair decided that I could stick around for a bit longer as a summer intern.

Today was the first real day of my internship. It was pretty relaxed and my boss, Amy Walton, really made it a good first day. She introduced me to everyone I need to know and laid out the rest of the week thoroughly so I don’t get confused (like I did today).

Tomorrow I am going to the executive offices to meet with the government relations staff (they deal with healthcare), then back to the downtown location for marketing (they work to promote the hospital and gain market share) Thursday. Friday I will be back working with Amy, and hopefully, I will be somewhat acclimated by then!

So wish me luck ladies and germs – I’m gonna need it.

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