Ciao, Adios, Goodbye

I sit writing the final post of my Hanover College career on the plane taking me back to America. Spring Term was a blur. One minute we were jet-lagged in Stratford, now here we sit. Going back is extremely bittersweet for me, as tomorrow I graduate and will never again live at Hanover or study there.

Tomorrow, I say goodbye to some of the best friends I have ever had for an unknown amount of time, only to meet them when we can all find the time. All of this is part of growing up, I suppose. I fell in love with the magical atmosphere of Hanover College. The people won me over — my friends and my professors — saying goodbye to them is going to be so very difficult.

So what comes next? What will I be doing now that I am done cramming for English exams, writing papers and blogging?

Well, interestingly enough I will be doing exactly that somewhere else. I have my very own medieval blog that I update as often as I can, and I will start work on my master’s in the fall. Before May Term, I was set on going to Butler,  but I got, in a way, scouted by another school in Ohio and offered an amazing opportunity.

I have a few days before I make my final decision but likely in September I will be in Ohio working on my degree and being the best teaching assistant (TA) the country has ever known. I hope that everyone reading this who is already at Hanover or plans to go there enjoys it as much as I did. Take advantage of those great opportunities, they are everywhere, and you will kick yourself if you don’t!


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