Night Frisbee and the formula for success

This Spring Term has been kind of rough. I’ve been really busy with my class, working, and trying to make it to Ultimate Frisbee/intramural soccer/wiffleball/everything. To top it all off, I’ve been having some allergy issues. But enough sadness, this post is supposed to be about something that can only be described as pure awesome.

I have found yet another reason why Spring Term is the best term of all the terms. It has to do, of course, with Ultimate Frisbee.  But NOT just any Ultimate Frisbee, this is the kind of Ultimate Frisbee that even my girlfriend (who doesn’t play Ultimate) participates in. And this kind of Ultimate Frisbee is … (Is the suspense just killing you? Am I building this up too much? Is this getting annoying?) … Night Frisbee.

My neon blue FlashFlight. This thing is amazing. It's bright, it can take a beating, it has a replaceable battery, and best of all it allows for late night Ultimate Frisbee.
My neon blue FlashFlight. This thing is amazing. It’s bright, it can take a beating, it has a replaceable battery, and best of all it, allows for late night Ultimate Frisbee.

For Christmas this year, I received a FlashFlight from my brother (funny story actually, we bought each other the same gift without even knowing it; I was pretty excited). Anyhow, this disc is perfect. It’s roughly the same weight and has the same grip as the competitive discs we normally play with, but it also has neon blue lights veining (is that a word?) down the sides and in the middle.

And best of all, it allows us Frisbee nuts to fall down/play Ultimate in the dark.

I’ve come to realize that my time here at Hanover is what I make it. That sounds weird, but it’s the truth. A lot of students come into school with one of two mentalities. Either they want to have a good time all the time or they want to get good grades and focus on academics. Balancing the two is tough, but I have come to develop my own personal stance on the issue.

First, you’re paying a lot of money to come here. I don’t care how rich your family is, college is a lot of money. Even if you get a full ride, there are still expenses that have to be covered, which makes academics and your college education take precedence over everything.

This was my logic coming into Hanover last year, and I won’t say that it wasn’t a good thing, but it wasn’t the best thing. I scored the good grades, I put my name out for campus jobs, and I felt good academically, but I was somewhat miserable.

I had put so much pressure on myself to succeed, and it was just stress all the time. I had friends, but I didn’t spend much time with them, and I regret that because I could have made my freshman year much more enjoyable had I done so.

This year I joined Ultimate Frisbee against my better judgment. I say against my better judgment because I was loaded up on work hours and school hours, but I signed up and went out to play. And it was definitely one of my better decisions because it led me to understand how I need to live out the remainder of my college career.

Yes, I need to do well academically, and I need to have a job and make money (otherwise, I’ll freak out), but I now realize that I can’t do nothing but work and study. I’ll end up lonely, crazy and bearded. I need a form of stress relief, and even though Ultimate Frisbee at first seemed like it would take more time than I had, I was able to plan around it and have fun at the same time.

You don’t want to make your extra-curricular life stressful by forcing yourself into it, so I turned it into a work-to-study transitional period. As a result, my sophomore year has been much better than freshman year, and my grades are as high as they’ve ever been.

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