Going back home, storage and planning ahead.

Yeah, I probably should give some clothes away!
Yeah, I probably should give some clothes away!

So, I bought my flight tickets to go back home to India over spring break, and now I will be on a plane to go home in just a few days.

This has been the shortest semester. Even though I had a spring term class last year, this semester has seemed to fly by so quickly. A week more, and I’ll be a junior.

I don’t know about the rest of my classmates but, I still feel like it was yesterday that I moved into Donner, and was a freshmen all excited about college in a different country.

Going back home after a year definitely has some bittersweet memories. I remember last summer when I spent three months away from one of my closest friends ever, it felt like quite the distance living 8,000-plus miles away from everyone. On the plus side though, I did get to see my family and friends — the people I have spent most of my life with.

Planning ahead is generally part of the routine in an international student’s life. We have to get those flight tickets a couple of months in advance, since buying tickets a few weeks in advance almost equals to a little more than a semester’s worth of tuition.

Storage is a another issue. Since Hanover plans to expand and have more rooms, we don’t have storage on campus anymore. Though that’s probably the least of things to worry about, since we have ample storage facilities around campus.

I highly recommend sharing a storage unit with as many friends as you can. The more of you that do so, the cheaper it is. That’s what I will be doing for this summer with a few Thetas.

When in doubt, always ask around, since there are always people who live more than five hours away from campus who have large furniture or other objects that are a hassle to drive back home. There will always be at least three people, if not more, who need storage  just like you do, so don’t hesitate.

Also, Hanover’s campus does have large cartons in every house and residence hall where students can dump unwanted clothes, shoes or electronics. We also take unwanted furniture, and all of these donations go toward the Salvation Army. What better way to get rid of things you don’t need, that others can make use of?

Also, you can always just gift some of your clothes to your friends. I’m sure there’s someone in your peer group just dying to own something from a different country, or they just like your style!

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