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Nothing Stops This Train Cast
Nothing Stops This Train Cast

As the school year wraps up for most high schools and Hanover, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind. Summer. With it, summer brings the ever-illustrious summer jobs. This is true for college students, too.

While many high schoolers and college-age students may wind up working in fast food, retail or other hometown business opportunities, Hanover actually has a lot to offer for the summer between classes.

There’s not a ton happening on campus during this time, but Hanover students are busy putting themselves out there and gaining experience in areas that interest them through internships and study abroad opportunities.

Now, internships are a lot easier to find than you might think, and it’s quite easy to find paid opportunities as well. Through the Office of Experiential Learning, headed by David Harden, students at Hanover can find internships in every field from medicine to theatre, computer science to museums.

And the best part about many internships is that you can actually earn course credit for doing them without any additional cost in tuition. With a little extra paper work, most internships can easily become academic internships.

While I am not partaking in an academic internship this year, I do have an internship with the Rivers Institute Traveling Theatre for the summer. It’s a paid position, and it’s doing something I love doing: acting. This internship will give me some experience in a traveling group and give me a taste of what professional acting is all about.

We’ll perform shows all summer throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois, so look for “Nothing Stops This Train”; we might be coming to a theatre near you. And since it’s based around campus, I get to stay here this summer and enjoy its natural beauty.

Internships are a great way to spend a summer doing something you enjoy and getting some experience in a field you’re interested in. I know a few other current students who plan to study abroad for the summer and a few others spending their summer going on mission trips.

Overall the goal for many students at Hanover isn’t to just sit idly by while others get ahead. Many of us take advantage of our summers to experience life and learn a little as we go. And what ever way you look at it, any internship beats working at McDonald’s.

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  1. Jackson, do you have some flyers about the play I can give out at the Art on the Parish Green show in June? Give them to Luke, and I will pass them out at the show.

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