Field trips make academics fun

The Madison Power Plant!
The IKE power plant

So, I know I’ve been off the blogging scene for awhile, but hey I’m back! (To those of you who missed me). You’ve probably heard ample stories of how May Term is so much fun, with all the intramural sports (IMs), wiffleball, Derby Days and all that bliss that has to go with extra-curriculars.

I have no doubt that even if you’re not a Hanover College student yet, this will be the semester you will look forward to most. Something you should also look forward to is the one class you take during this semester.

Yes, that one class can either be the easiest class you’ve taken throughout your student years or it can be the longest. Either way, it will be fun, and trust me, learning will be a compulsory element on your agenda.

I’m enrolled in the Issues in Environmental Geology class this semester, and it is a longer kind of class. It begins at 9 a.m. and ends at noon Monday to Friday. In addition, I have lab on Tuesday, which goes from 1-4 p.m.

While it sounds like a taxing schedule and fixing work in there in the ambassadors office makes it sound worse, it really isn’t! One thing apart from the extra-curriculars that keeps me going are the field trips offered in this course.

My classmates and I recently visited the IKE coal-fired power plant, not very far away from Hanover’s campus. It was great to see for ourselves how the process of generating coal fired energy, worked. We even spent two weeks discussing how it was actually done.

That’s one thing about a liberal arts education at Hanover, your professors are not all talk and no game. They try their best to involve their students in application based learning and taking us on field trips to various places. This not only makes learning more fun, but we also grasp concepts better!

So, would you much rather stay in a cramped up room with 100 other students, trying not to fall asleep while you’re professor talks about how coal is mined and used to produce electricity, or would you rather have 14 other classmates who all get a personal tour from the personnel at a power plant visually showing you how the process works? Yes, it is way more fun to stand near those boilers and experience for yourself that 107 degree environment 20-feet below the ground!

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  1. Learning
    doesn’t happen only in the four walls of the classroom. Since students have
    different characteristics expect that they don’t learn the same way thus you
    have to have lot of strategies to cater all your student’s needs. You don’t
    actually need to bring them always outside because that’s just a supplement of
    their learning.

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