A handful of updates

Well, hey there. It’s been a while, and I’m sorry I’ve neglected you over the past two weeks, but finals week and spring break had me away from blogging for a little while. It’s good to be back, and I’ve had an enjoyable few weeks, so let me bring you up to speed.

Before finals week, I went with my girlfriend to her sorority’s formal dance. Kind of like a more mature version of a senior prom, I had a lot of fun eating and dancing with my friends. I realized while I was there that Kappa Alpha Theta and Sigma Chi are much more connected than I previously would have thought; almost a quarter of the men there were Sigma Chis.

Forbes, Lincoln, and myself before Theta's formal.
Forbes, Lincoln and I before Theta’s formal.

“Mr. Hanoverian” also occurred before break, which is a fundraising beauty pageant. For guys. The event has three portions: talent, question and answer, and fashion show. My big (big brother), Matt, was a contestant. He did pretty well on the question and answer, and his Disco fashion wasn’t half bad either. Unfortunately, he was annihilated in the talent portion.

For his talent he rapped “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, and then had the Rainbros show up to do a little Harlem Shake. I was happy to be out there for him to help, but for some reason the song cut halfway through and almost all of Matt’s rap was cut off.

On top of this, another contestant did an evolution of dance, and admittedly, it was much better than our little act. Matt ended up getting second place. Of three. But it still counts.

Matt and some of the Rainbros at Mr. Hanoverian.
Matt and some of the Rainbros at Mr. Hanoverian.

At the talent show hosted by the Blythe/Katharine Parker (KP) hall council, and I performed in it. I’m a musician, so for my act I played and sang an acoustic version of “Sexy and I Know It,” with a little twist. I was in my underwear.

I don’t know what made me think it was a good idea, but it turned out alright. People seemed to think it was pretty funny. I didn’t win, but I had a good time nonetheless.

I’m looking forward to this spring term, including wiffleball, a class where I people-watch, and a whole month of hanging out with my brothers before summer comes around.

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