Thunder Over Louisville

We all had such a good time watching planes, fireworks, and eating yummy fair foods!
We all had such a good time watching planes, fireworks, and eating yummy fair foods!

For three years I have lived less than an hour from Louisville, Ky., and have never been introduced to the list of events that lead up to the Kentucky Derby. I will share what I have learned this year so that all of you who will find yourselves at Hanover in the upcoming years can enjoy these events.

About two weeks before the running of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville plays host to a number of large scale events. There are marathons, dining extravaganzas, live music events, and Thunder.

When some friends invited me to join them for their annual trip to Louisville for Thunder, I had to ask them what it was. Maybe I am the only one out of the loop, but since I had never heard the details, I wanted the scoop.

After telling me that it was a fabulous airshow that ended in the evening with a ginormous fireworks display, I was sold.

The time finally came for Thunder, the weather was nice, the blankets were spread on a nice grassy area, and the airshow began. There were planes of all shapes and sizes performing great tricks in the air.

There were plenty of other things to do in Louisville that day before and after the airshow took place. I took the time to eat corn dogs and nachos, play card games, nap and get a small sunburn.

I was most excited for all the fireworks, and I couldn’t have been more impressed by them. Thirty minutes of bright, colorful, loud fireworks — I was totally amazed.

There was only one downside to my day in Louisville and that was trying to find a way out of the city after Thunder was over. With the interstate closed for a few hours after the fireworks show, there was a lot of driving nervously through the streets of Louisville.

But even that didn’t ruin the day. I am so happy I got to experience such a great time with a good group of friends! I definitely recommend making the trek down to Louisville next year for the show.

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