The advantages of Dead Week

This week at Hanover College, known as Dead Week, is the week before we start our winter term Finals. Dead Week consists of many activities put on by Student Life to help students de-stress before beginning a long week of finals. These activities focus on helping students “Rest, Relax and Revive,” as they call it, before the stressful upcoming week.

Exercise is a very good stress relief for almost everyone, so Zumba, Yoga, and Boot Camp Workouts are available for Hanover students. Students can come, sweat out the stress they face from studying and temporarily take their minds off of biology, theology and other classes.

Not only is exercise a great way for students to relieve their stress, but there are also chair massages a few times during Dead Week.  Now, that is something I’m going to have to take advantage of.

One way to get to a college student’s heart is with kittens and puppies. These lovable critters can be found on The Quad located behind the Campus Center. Students go crazy over the adorable little animals and become all sappy and loving with them.

This is something that I experienced a couple times already this week. It’s so cute to play with the animals and pet them as they are running and jumping around. Students might not realize it while it’s happening, but spending time with these animals really does help relieve stress. It’s called pet therapy, and I am a firm believer in it.

My friends and I went two days in a row and played with some of the puppies. We had so much fun and it really did take away some stress!

One of my friends, Alicia, showing some love to her new pal, Jack.
One of my friends, Alicia, showing some love to her new pal, Jack.

Not only are students encouraged to come and play with the animals during Dead Week, they are also encouraged to come help out at the local animal shelter. Hanover’s spring term is a perfect opportunity to volunteer some time with them.

Being a volunteer consists of playing with the kittens and puppies, and getting some exercise while walking the dogs. So, don’t stay cooped up in the dorm, worrying and fretting about finals — get out there and relieve some stress!

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