Track meet, volunteering and money making

Measuring for the Javelin event!
Measuring for the Javelin event!

Last Saturday, I signed up to work at the track meet held here on campus. We had competitors from schools like Wabash College, Franklin College and Manchester University.

Every Hanover student who volunteered either got six hours of volunteer credit or got paid for them. Earning a little green, while getting to support all our talented runners and gymnasts, sure sounded like a great weekend opportunity to me.

I ended up not taking the money and getting credit for service hours for Theta instead. What could be better than getting to hang out with your uber-fit athletic friends and getting positive about being fit your self?

Our women’s team took first and our men earned fourth place. Many of our cross country and track runners did swimming or another sport in high school and decided to start track after coming to Hanover. So if you’re thinking of getting into fit mode in a competitive arena, that’s possible here.

I helped out with the Javelin event. Our very own Alex Moreland won the men’s event, and Janet Schnurr got second place for the women. It was a lot of fun getting to see all our talented runners, jumpers and throwers break some incredible records. You can read more about there here.

Alex Moreland throwing at the Javelin event
Alex Moreland throwing at the Javelin event

I’ve also had three Panther for a day students shadowing me this week. These potential future students are all tremendously excited about our geology and environmental science departments, so I’m stoked to see who the new incoming freshmen batch will be.

I had a one admitted student stay with me last night, and she shadowed me to all my classes today. She has made up her mind on coming to Hanover, and I’m so glad I get to meet future students through my Student Ambassador job.

I get to know people even before they actually live on campus, and give them some insightful advice about what classes to sign up for according to my own experiences or word of mouth.


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