Some advice for campus visits

Ah, lovely Spring on campus. Finally!
Ah, lovely spring on campus. Finally!

It’s been spring for a few weeks now. bit it’s finally starting to feel like it. The sun’s out, the wind has died down, and it actually feels warm for once. So, with my winter coat finally tucked away in the back of my closet, I set out for classes this morning.

Almost as soon as I set out this morning, I noticed another indicator of spring here at Hanover: tours. I’ve seen quite a few all-day groups of prospective students and their families on campus, asking questions and all around being curious about this place I’ve come to know and love. Seeing all these new faces made me think back to my visits to Hanover, and I’ve actually thought of a little bit of advice.

1: Don’t try to memorize the campus.

At least not on your first visit. If you’re still contemplating where to go, make sure you get the important information down, as well as the generals of campus. Pay attention to dining options, recreational choices and especially the academic standards and majors offered here at Hanover.

These will be crucial in comparing colleges when it comes down to making that final decision. Not to mention if (or hopefully when) you make the decision to come here, there’s plenty of time to get oriented around campus with LEAP days and August Experience.

2. Meet a professor or two or sit in on a class.

I knew when I was looking at colleges I didn’t want to accept many things without experiencing a few of them first. So, for all my options, I made sure to schedule a meeting with a professor or two to get a taste of what each school had to offer.

Most professors here are more than willing to meet with prospective students or have them sit in on a class. The admission counselors were a huge help to me in organizing my meetings.

3. Explore

While you may not know the campus very well, it’s important to explore a little. Tours give you a general overview but once you’re done with the day’s activities, go back to some of the places that intrigued you. Take a trip to the book store and pick up some spirit wear.

While eating on campus is an option, go into Madison, Ind. Madison has some great restaurants, and the town is really a big part of living on campus. If I may suggest, as many others will, the two most popular restaurants are Jendy’s and Hinkle’s. Jendy’s is a minute off campus in Hanover, Ind., and serves some great pizza and is the primary deliverer to campus.

Hinkle’s is a small hamburger shop in historic Madison that offers White Castle size hamburgers (although they are much better) as well as some delicious milkshakes, 44 flavors in total.

Overall, just get a good feel of the campus and focus on the important information. There’s much more time in the future to get more comfortable with the campus and life here at Hanover. But don’t be afraid to have a little fun while you’re here visiting.

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