The triathlon

I competed in a triathlon this past weekend. It was unofficial, and one of the events might have been eating a sandwich, but I did three things, so that counts, right?

Event 1: The Track Meet. Hanover hosted a track meet Saturday, so a handful of my fraternity brothers and I went over to support the team. Sometimes our Saturdays become “Fraturdays,” which are days when our fraternity dresses up in the most stereotypical “frat” style we can think of.

For this weekend we put on our “frat tanks” (tank tops with our letters on them), our “frat hats” (trucker hats with witty phrases), and “frat goggles” (cheap sun glasses). Since fraternities here really don’t fit the stereotype of frats (we shun the word, actually), the objective of a Fraturday is to look as stereotypically fratty as possible for fun.

Kaitlin and I wrapped up in the Sigma Chi flag!
Kaitlin and I wrapped up in the Sigma Chi flag!

Event 2: Subway. After watching a few events we started to get hungry, so a few of us decided to walk down the road to the Subway that just got relocated a little closer to campus.

I didn’t mention it before, but I also brought our big Sigma Chi flag to wave around at the meet, so when we went to Subway I had to bring it with us (we can’t leave it behind for the enemy to capture)! Subway was uneventful, other than the fact that I walked in with a seven foot long flag on a six foot long pole.

Event 3: Choir. A real fraternity man knows how to sit back enjoy the arts. Admittedly, this was the event that the least of us went to, but it was enjoyable, nonetheless.

This was the first choir concert I had been to since coming here, and while the director programmed a little too much into one show for my taste, I still had fun there. They did a pretty cool a capella rendition of “Just the Way You Are,” by Bruno Mars.

So there you have it. It was a fun day, I got a nice tank-top sunburn, and it snowed the following day (Indiana weather, go figure.) I’m bogged down with homework and term papers currently, so I’m looking forward to our Spring Break, when I can go find my next triathlon to compete in.

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