When your computer becomes your worst enemy

I went from this to...
I went from this to …

As college students, most of our assignments are either done online or have to be typed.

Last night, I was trying to finish one such assignment for my Management Concepts class, which I’m taking as a part of the Business Scholars Program. My professor believes in the strategy of taking quizzes and doing assignments in your own free time, when it’s most comfortable, in order to help students reach their potential and get better grades.

This is a methodology that I can not agree with more! It’s only during times when technology decides to hate you that there is a setback. These periods are the most dreaded experience in any college student’s life. It tops the dread of taking finals, trust me.

I had finished typing almost two single-spaced pages , responding to readings I had to do. It was midnight when I finally finished answering two of the three questions.

A minute later, Microsoft Word decided to freeze on me. (Oh yeah, the rainbow wheel of horror — ya feel me, Mac users?) I could see everything I had written was in front of me, but I had no way to continue working or copy it onto another Word document.

I finally had to force quit the program and start all over again. Yes, an whole evening’s worth of work gone!

I decided to just block out my terrible luck and went straight into typing my answers again. Luckily, two of my Theta sisters were still awake studying and finishing assignments, too. They encouraged me to just start over, and it turned into a positive experience. I got more confident in my answers and actually wrote them from a better perspective.

…this in a minute :(
… this in a minute :(

That’s one thing Hanover and life in general will teach you: never give up, especially when it comes to horrifying moments like the one that just happened to me.

It was definitely a learning experience, even though I didn’t get to bed until 2:15 a.m.

Looking back on it now, I wished it had been a better experience, and I got to have those two extra hours of sleep,. Still, I probably got a better grade on that assignment than what I would have received for my first attempt.

Try this strategy for doing online assignments: Keep your answers written in bullet points on a hard copy (piece of paper or highlighted text in a book), so that when glitches do happen, you won’t lose your initial and important ideas. It’s pretty foolproof!

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