Package from home and my first softball match

My care package from India!
My care package from India.

Hello again,

So, this week has been hectic, but not as much as it was last week. Last week was unusual and thankfully a once in a blue moon occurrence as far as my typical weeks go.

This week was more eventful than overloaded with assignments. I finally have my video posted to my bio page. I know it doesn’t have my most flattering angle, but I hope you’ll check it out anyway. It took Bobby and me about 30-something takes, but I think the end result is worth it.

I also received a package for Easter, all the way from India last week. It weighed about 30pounds, and I had to carry it all the way from the mailroom to Theta; in fact, my muscles still hurt from it.  I thought to my self that at least I was good as far as working out went for the day.

I got a whole bunch of clothes from the brands I love back home, and from stores that a small-town like Hanover doesn’t have, so I was excited, indeed. The dilemma of what am I going to wear to Theta’s formal has turned into which one should I wear?

Clothes aside, my parents sent me an overload of Indian snacks and sweets, enough to last me five semesters, if not more. I’ve been trying ever since to pawn some of it off on some of my friends who enjoy international delicacies.

One great thing about being an international student living 8,000-something miles away from home is you get goodies in bulk.

My Theta big, Chelsie Nuhring hitting for the women’s softball team :)
My Theta big sister, Chelsie Nuhring, hitting for the women’s softball team :)

Over the weekend, I also got to watch my first women’s softball game. I’ve watched a few baseball games on campus, though watching the girl’s team hit some balls was a lot of fun.

My Theta Big (big sister), Chelsie Nuhring, is on the team, and after weeks of promising her that I would come and support them, I finally did. They had two games in a row and they won both. To know more about the happenings of those games, visit the softball page on the athletics section of the Hanover website.


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