What season is it today?

What’s your favorite season — spring, summer, fall, winter? Here at Hanover we celebrate them all, sometimes in a single day. I am really not kidding. Ever since January sprang up on us I have been able to wear shorts at one hour then three hours later need to put on every single article of clothing I own and still not be warm enough.

Something else that kills me about this weather is its ability to deceive you. You can wake up, sun shining, birds’ chirping — seems like a beautiful day. Then you walk outside and BAM! Cold wind in your face  makes it feel like its 10 degrees, and you have no desire to walk to class whatsoever. In those instances I usually drive.

On this day it was snowing at 11 a.m., and was 50 degrees by 4 p.m.

Now that I have vented my disapproval of the cold weather I will share with you happy stories about the good weather.

Once Mother Nature finally decides that we deserve warmth and sunlight here in Hanover, Ind. is when the fun begins. Students are everywhere, and it’s rare to find someone cooped up in their dorm room.

Students are hiking the Dr. Karn’s nature trails, studying on The Quad, playing sand volleyball or just hanging out outside strumming on their guitar. You name it, and a student is probably outside doing it.

It is such a great atmosphere here at Hanover when it finally warms up.

The Acre

For me, one the best places to visit on a warm day is The Acre. Not everyone knows about The Acre, but I was introduced to it during my freshman year.

If you a follow a trail behind the HC water tower, then you will run into a makeshift shelter house with a swing sitting right out front.

The swing overlooks a creek, and on a nice warm day it is so nice to just chill and listen to the water flow past you. It’s a nice place to getaway and one of my favorite spots on Hanover’s campus.

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