My eletronics hate me

My phone and I have a love/hate relationship.
My phone and I have a love/hate relationship.

Yesterday was a very tough day for me. Tough, because it reminded me how big of a role my electronics play in my life, and how much of a pain in the butt they are.

Let’s start at the beginning: I miraculously wake up with just enough time to fumble out of bed, put on clothes and get to class at 8 a.m. I had forgotten to flip the little switch on my iPhone to turn the sound on so my alarm was a vibration.

Fast forward to the afternoon: I went to the gym earlier than normal and saw there was one rather attractive specimen over by the dumbbells, so I whip out my headphones and turn on my Maverick switch.

I walked toward the weights and while flipping through some songs when I found the perfect song for the occasion: Adele’s “Rollin’ in the Deep.” I click on the song just as I walk by the fine looking honey who then glanced up just in time to see my facial expression.

It was at that moment when I realized that the volume was all the way up. In a flash, music still blasting, the beautiful blonde still watching, I kick a machine, preoccupied with the amount of Adele being pumped into my cochlea, drop my phone and catch it on the back button.

For those who don’t have an iPhone, the back button exits out of the music screen, preventing you from turning down the volume on the touch screen.

I finally ripped the earphones out of my ears as I struggled to regain some, if any, of my lost dignity. Then I limped away to find a more isolated part of the gym.

Fast forward to later on that evening: I had brought my stuff over to my friend’s pod at Greenwood and was hanging out. My friend Kelsey told me that she was going to Walmart, and I asked for a ride to the library to meet up with Matt to work on our research papers.

I gathered all my homework that had been strewn about the table where I was working as she hustled me out the door. Long story short, I left my computer charger in Kelsey’s car after she dropped me off at the library. Kelsey took a long time at Walmart.

And to top it all off I dropped my phone earlier and now my lock button doesn’t work anymore.

Wish me luck friends …

Until next time,


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