Excitement is building

Another busy week comes to a close. After a week (and weekend) full of action and adventure, it’s kind of nice to sit down and have some time to chill. With even more theater rehearsals and a concert, I had an all around fun week.

This Saturday was Family Day here at Hanover, and in the midst of everything else, it was really nice to see some of my family again. Two of my grandparents came down to visit, and it was good to see them and eat some lunch with them — getting a little free food out of it, of course.

Saturday morning was also time for the annual Family Day Jazz Band Concert in the Brown Campus Center. This is a portion of my life here at Hanover I haven’t talked about much, but I play saxophone in the Concert Band and Jazz Band here as a music scholar.

Having two solos and an impromptu improv solo as well, I was surprisingly calm and, in my opinion, I did rather well. After my grandparents left, my girlfriend’s parents showed up and, after showing them around a little, we headed off to dinner at Franco’s, a really nice Italian restaurant in downtown Madison, Ind.

Franco's Like I said, this week was again filled with theater rehearsals and, at three hours per day, they can be pretty exhausting. This Sunday was especially tiring with a full nine hours of rehearsal to make sure all the technical work is ready for the show.

Preview night is this Wednesday at 7:30 in Parker Auditorium, and opening night is the night afterward. The buzz of pre-show excitement and nerves is going around. It’s going to be a really good show, and we really hope people give some Shakespeare a chance.

Finally, and I haven’t told many people outside my friends this, but after a grueling interview process, I’m proud to say that I will be a peer advisor next year and couldn’t be more excited.

If you aren’t that familiar with what a peer advisor (or PA) is, it’s basically a non-first year student that helps out the first-years through their first semester, especially during August Experience, when incoming students come to Hanover a week before classes start.

Each PA has a group of  about 15 students that they really help get acclimated to life at Hanover in their first semester. I’m really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get to meet my advisees for next year.

This all being said, I’m looking forward to this next week and our production of “Troilus and Cressida,” as well as next year and the new experiences it will bring.

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