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The Celtic Society brought Irish dancers and "road bowling" to the event. Food, entertainment, fun... The Irish Fest was a big success!
The Celtic Society brought Irish dancers and road bowling to the event. Food, entertainment, fun — the Irish Fest was a big success.

No, this isn’t another birthday related post. Although I do love celebrating my birthday that time has come and gone. But being roughly 50 percent Irish means that I do have a reason to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

While I did not celebrate with corned beef and cabbage like my fellow Irish people likely did, I did find time to get back to my roots.

Just like last year, my friend and I made the journey down the hill to Madison, Ind., for their St. Patrick’s Day Party. Complete with Irish dancers, a costume contest and a LOT of delicious food, it was well worth the time.

For $20, we each bought a Taste of Ireland ticket that allowed us to select five out of nine restaurant stops on the tour. Ranging from a burger to fondue, we had a lot of options to choose from.

After eating my way through five local restaurants, I was absolutely exhausted. The food was amazing, so much so that I find it difficult to pick a favorite. Actually, no. The apple cake at Gallery 115 was so delicious I considered doubling up and using it as two location stops. Yummy!

This was a great opportunity to try some new food spots in Madison. Out of the five we went to, I had never been to two of the restaurants and was pleasantly surprised by both of them. I hope to find some time in the upcoming months to visit them again before I graduate and leave the quaint Madison area.

It was also nice to see, hear and taste some Irish traditions. Knowing where you come from is important, and Hanover really encourages you to get in touch with your heritage and celebrate your ancestors through study abroad, history courses and making use of free access to ancestry.com. Getting to know where you come from is definitely fun.

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