A week that could have been the death of me

My final wood sculpture!
My final wood sculpture.

So being a college student doesn’t just prepare you for that gruesome life in the real world, it helps you hone those time management and organizational skills that any employer or publisher seeks.

Whether it’s getting a job right outside of college or getting your doctoral research published, people who can manage time or work under pressure are usually the most valued and successful assets to a company or organization.

So, all those weeks that seem like a death, it’s just preparing you for all those days you will be expected to work for more than just for that 9-to-5 period.

This week for me has been the worst ever since midterms a few weeks ago. I’ve had to do more than a million things, including :

1)  Initiation for the new members of Kappa Alpha Theta

2) Take home exam for Health and Fitness

3) Reaction paper for Race and Ethnicity (A Sociology class)

4) Research paper for the class mentioned above

5) Environmental Global Change presentation

6) Final submissions for sculpture

7) Final sketchbooks for sculpture

8) Mini exam for Environmental Global Change

9) Online questions for Management concepts

10) Readings for Sociology and Management Concepts

11) Student over nights

12) Resume workshop for the Business Scholars Program

13) Scheduling for classes in the fall

14) and this blog post.

My plaster sculpture
My plaster sculpture.

Even though all of that seems overwhelming for just one week, and me being the greatest procrastinator ever, I’ve managed to make it through Monday to Thursday. I’m not the perfect student and having a heavy workload only stresses me more

Being a Hanover student and actually having one-on-one interaction with my professors, I could get extensions for some of my assignments this week. One great thing about professors on this campus is that they value quality and commitment over quantity and an, ‘I just had to get this done’ attitude.

Two of my professors have been extremely helpful in understanding my situation this week, so did my boss at work. I got an extension for submitting my sketchbook till Saturday afternoon, and my professor, Leticia, emailed me at 2:30 a.m. in the studio, concerned about my safety with using power tools when I was tired and sleep deprived.

I had spent nine hours there Sunday night till almost 5:30 a.m., for almost five hours non-stop Monday night and around five hours again last night. I made sure I let her know about my commitment to her class and the visual progression that I displayed on final critique day of my wood sculpture piece.

Letting your professors know how much work you put into their classes or just talking your problems/ struggles out with them, where they understand and hear out your perspectives is an attribute I have only experienced on a campus like Hanover.

I graduated from high school with less than a hundred peers, so that speaks volumes about the positivity of Hanover’s culture if nothing else.

My wood sculpture again
Another view of my wood sculpture.

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