A busy, yet eclectic, week

Me and my new letters!
Me and my new letters!

This week, like many others, has been crazy to say the least. With I-Week, scheduling and theater rehearsal, I had quite a bit on my plate. Let me break it down for you.

I-Week at Sigma Chi is a time for the pledges to really grow together and bond with the current brothers. Spending as much time with the guys at Sig was not only a ton of fun but really solidified my confidence in my decision.

After pledgeship and a tough week with of a lot of hours devoted solely to Sigma Chi, I’m glad to finally be on the other side. I was initiated at the end of the week, and now I am proud to call myself a brother of Chi Chapter of Sigma Chi. Having gotten this far, I can’t wait for the next three years and beyond.

Now, scheduling. Scheduling can be a difficult time in many ways. This semester, being done with almost all of my LADRs, or liberal arts degree requirements (somehow), I actually got to focus on my major.

I must say it took a lot of careful calculations, pleading with professors to let me into their classes and figuring out just what I needed to take. I remembered my LEAP Day and scheduling there was a tad stressful, too.

During your first semester, you’re relatively unacquainted with the system here. All I can say is don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pay attention as best as you can and ask the professors whatever questions you have. They have a wealth of knowledge you really should tap into.

Parker Auditorium. Home of Hanover College Theatre.
Parker Auditorium, home of Hanover College Theatre.

And finally, shameless promotion of theater yet again. I’m actually really excited about this play, and if you want a taste of what Hanover College Theatre is all about, come out and see it. (Or if you’re at all interested in seeing what rehearsals are like, that could probably be arranged by contacting our director, Jim Stark).

This production, the final large production of the year, is Shakespeare’s “Troilus and Cressida.” Said to be one of his impossible plays, we’re trying it out, and as rehearsals push on, we’re without a doubt getting better.

That’s not to say we don’t have a lot of work to do before our performances March 28-30, but it’s definitely coming along.

So after a long week, it’ll be good to relax a little this weekend then get right back on a roll Monday morning. And if you’re looking to come here, I hope this helped push you a little in what I consider to be the right decision.

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