Researching a paper


Research and paper are two words that should never stay close to each other. By the way, what does it mean? Do students look for a paper? Well, if that’s so, they should look first in the shredder and then in the recycling trash.

Research paper. No, those two words together are out of tune. Definitely. So, why do professors pronounce them in the same sentence? The most appropriate explanation would probably be the negative word of a student’s choice.

In fact, professors usually say research paper in the middle of the class; they throw the water balloon and they wait for the consequences. The balloon floats in the air and it falls on the ground like a threat. The water splatters and it wets the consciences of the students.

Last week an icy waterfall woke up my sleepy student soul. It wasn’t a joke. Research papers are not a joke. I hold the piece of paper with the writing assignment like a scientist holds a lethal virus in a test tube.

I imagined never-ending study hours at the library, hundreds of drafts filling the recycle bin of my laptop and lots of flipped pages. I pictured a 90 year old me with thick glasses, looking for sources to include in my research paper.

You need an argument, evidence to support it, citations and footnotes. I need to write a research paper, and only one of us will see the next dawn. Yes, research and paper should break up. This is my argument. The evidence? Well, check in the shredder. I’ve never liked water balloons!

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