Lavaliers and wedding bells

Lavaliers and wedding bells — this is been quite the trend going on at Kappa Alpha Theta (or as we call it, the KAT Castle). A Hanover tradition that takes place at sororities is candle passes or candle lights. These events are so exciting to be a part of, and I am so excited to share that about four of my sisters have been lavaliered this year and two are engaged to be married in the near future.

One of the most exciting engagements that I was able to witness was between a Theta alum and a Sigma Chi alum. It was right around Valentine’s Day and the men of Sigma Chi told us they were coming to serenade us because one of our sisters was their sweetheart. When serenades take place we all gather in the lobby and greet the men as they enter.

Sigma Chi and Theta lavaliers

They were all dressed up nice in their suits and ties, and even gave our sister a card and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. They sang their song but instead of leaving afterward, which is what usually happens, they stood there and prompted our sister to read the card aloud.

She began reading and like most cards, it contained a little cheesy rhyme, but as she turned to read the back of the card it said, “Congratulations on your engagement.”

She read it with question in her voice, while from another entrance into the house, her boyfriend popped out of nowhere dressed in a suit and tie, and asked our sister to marry him!

Tears immediately streamed down like every sister’s face in the room, and we were all just so happy that we were able to be a part of such a lovely engagement.

In the days following we celebrated the engagement with an “enragement” party and had a small mixer with Theta’s and the men of Sigma Chi. This experience was one for the books and is definitely one memory I have had at Theta that I will never forget.

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