Winter Break discoveries

A sampling of the treats that were enjoyed over Winter Break.
A sampling of the treats enjoyed over Winter Break.

Spending time at home is always nice, for about a weekend, that is. Then my parents start asking me to do their errands, clean the house, look after my sister and do anything but relax and get ahead on my homework like I expected.

This is why a few breaks ago I decided I would head back to school early enough to hang out with my roommates (who also come back early) and do enough homework that I feel that my break wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Don’t get me wrong, my parent’s house is just fine, but it’s not my home anymore. My home is here with my friends, where all my stuff is and where I am the one responsible for getting things done.

It is nice to be able to stock up on leftovers and other supplies before leaving home, however, since there are very few dining options when you come back early or stay over a break , especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

My roommates and I have eaten lots and lots of leftovers since we returned. Chili, vegetable soup, gumbo, pasta salad, you name it, we have had it. We have also discovered a few new things in our time back before everyone else.

The campus is so nice and quiet when you come back early. We are close to being the only ones here and while it is slightly creepy, it is really nice, too. My favorite part? Going to bed at night knowing the boys who live above us aren’t there. I can sleep without worrying I will be woken up at 1 a.m. to a shouting match or hearing them stomp around to play their video games.

Another option we have been taking advantage of is living close to a Dairy Queen. We just learned that when it snows, DQ does a buy one/get one free special on their blizzards! So far, we have all been back for four days and it has snowed all four days. But we have only taken advantage of getting blizzards on two of them, so we haven’t been completely obsessed with this new information.

Our runs into Madison aren’t just to pick up yummy ice-cream treats, we have also been making use of Family Video. You miss a lot of new movies while in college. There just isn’t enough time in the day to be able to either go to the movies or rent them when they come out. Breaks are the perfect opportunity to watch that movie you wanted to eight months ago!

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