Love is in the air

Valentine’s Day — the holiday where people decide to show a little bit of extra love to everyone they see. Flowers are sent, fancy dinners are planned, and everyone is coupled off. For the single people, however (me included) this holiday is just another day when you are reminded about being the third wheel.

Falling into this category, I was always pretty negative when this day would come and often told people it’s cancelled or ask, “What’s Valentine’s Day?” then casually change the subject.

My Valentine’s Day goodies from all my sisters.

What made this year better was doing the old school Valentine’s Day thing with my sisters. We each got our brown paper bags to decorate and a list of all the women in the house.

I wasn’t able to attend the nice party we had with Valentines-themed sweets, but I was still able to receive all the little goodies from everyone.

As I sifted through my bag, I read through my little cards, quotes and handwritten notes. After reading through all of them I was so happy. It was so nice to read so many cards from all my lovely Theta sisters.

Not only did I receive these Valentine’s from my sisters, but my wonderful roommate got me a teddy bear and socks, and she made me a super cute card! Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the gifts and little notes, but it is really nice to be reminded that so many people care about you and love you.

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